Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Men, I tried to tell myself they weren't all the same, I tried to tell myself I'd made a mistake, and that some men are different. Boy was I wrong. You put a man in front of a pretty girl. They are all the same.

Have you ever spent you entire life in the shadow of one person. The same one person, always one step ahead, always that little bit better, and has that much more that you don't.
For once, in the entire time you've know this person, they want something, and you have it. For the first time ever the tables turn, they are envious of you, of just the one small thing, that finally makes you equal them.
And then they get that too.

Mr and Mrs Perfect.

I hope you're happy together.
I give in my engagement.
You're far better suited.
Mary Poppin types.

I was feeling on top of the friggin world today.
Thanks for killing it. Again.
It's always you.

People just don't understand what she is to me. It's been three years.
Three years that I've been second best to her.

You make me feel insignificant.

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