Wednesday, 28 April 2010


This is a poem about Alfonso, I wrote it on the bus to Balham as soon as I left from our first "date". It's not very good but I though Sou would appreciate it.

At a bus stop we met,
My diary you read,
A director you said,
Seventeen I regret.

We met for the first time,
I couldn't decline,
You were being so kind
As you spoke your mind.

A present you bought,
My gaze you caught,
But I can't shake the thought
It's my intimacy you sought.

My trust I'm not sure to give away,
Because behind all the passes twenty-seven you say.

Don't worry about me,
I'm not the same,
But I'm sitting with you,
You see, you came.

You're aware of my age,
As you turn the page,
Of my poems of lust,
And my constant distrust.

Can't you see I'm too young,
For these feeling so strong,
I can't be mature,
I'm innocent and pure.

But you repeat in you awe,
You are gorgeous I'm sure,
As it fills me with laughter,
Is it friendship you're after?

You're not disturbed,
You say looking peturbed,
He knows me well,
His judgement will tell.

Stay a little bit longer,
You say looking sombre,
I can't shake the feeling,
That's it, I'm leaving.


  1. hahah YES! I was actually going to tell you today that you should start putting up your poems.

    So jizzerella, I'm liking the new look. It's sexy. Although, your black background makes me want to die, so sort that out.

    ps: come to the pub earlier, I aint got time to spare xxxxxxxxx

  2. just read this again. I miss you, your poems and our DMCs x