Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I wrote this ages ago, like back in september, but it reminded me of a post I published more recently and made me think... Anyway, here it is:

How is it that overnight you can completely change who you are with one small act? Alcohol is bad, it's very very bad. Not only does it change your view on yourself but also others views on you. yet the constant need to please people mixed with the influence of booze leads to silly, silly things. Can we always blame the alcohol though?
Often embarrassment, guilt and regret can make us blame anything else, but when are we lying to ourselves as well as everyone else? There are times when you know it was your own fault but blaming the booze softens the blow, but sometimes, when we are so surprised with our actions, do we trick ourselves into believing we couldn't help it, or is there really a point where it is physically impossible to restrain yourself?
You will always know what you are doing, even if it's overreacting to something small which triggers it. Fooling around with your ex's best friend is not due to alcohol, it's due to jealousy and revenge. Proceeding to then trying it on with said ex is not due to alcohol, it's due to missing him. Anything we try to tell ourselves was a drunken mistake will always have the semi conscious part dominating how we really feel.
Having said this, when we do end up doing those silly things would it be fair to say alcohol shows who we really are?
Slags, dickheads, nudists, honest people, loving people, over confident people... Is a night at the pub just an excuse to let loose and just 'be yourself'?

So it's not very well written, but considering I wrote that, forgot about it, and carried on living it, it's quite interesting perspective... for myself anyway. x

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